BARTON FIRTOP – Bi-Simplex Strainers

The Bi-simplex strainer comprises of two individual cast vessels connected via the use of interlinked 3-way transfer ball valves. The unit enables flow to be diverted from one filter chamber to the other by utilising a single hand lever preventing the possibility of the flow being cut-off during the change-over operation.

Housed in each filter chamber is a single basket constructed form perforated plate and lined with mesh to customer requirements. The design of the unit contributes to minimal pressure loss due to the valve configuration and extended filtration area provided.

Advantages of the Bi-Simplex Strainer
Gas tight shut-off between chambers.
Large filtration area.
Single lever operation.
Units suitable for both Gas and Liquid services.

Bi-Simplex Strainers are available from Barton Firtop, manufactured to order with a number of specialized requirements:
Available in sizes from 2 inch NB to 8 inch NB with cast chambers.
Available in sizes from 2 inch NB to 24 inch NB with fabricated chambers.
Pressure rating available 150 LB and above.
Inlet and Outlet connections available to required standards.
Closures available as Bolted Cover or Quick-Release.
Screwed connections available as required i.e. Drain, Vent, D.P.’s.
Special levels of NDE and material testing can be performed.
Special filter / coalesce available upon request.
All exotic and non standard material ranges can be achieved.