BARTON FIRTOP – Fabricated Y-Type Strainers with Optional Davit

Fabricated Y-Type Strainers can be used as an alternative to our standard cast range in order to comply with specific project specifications. They are also generally more cost effective and readily available for larger sizes i.e. above 12 inch (300 mm) NB and higher pressures.

Standard Range 2 inch (50 mm) NB to 12 inch (300 mm) NB. Pressure ratings up to ASME B16.5 600 LB

Welding carried out to EN287 and ASME IX
NDE carried out to code requirements
Competitively priced within its field
End connections flanged or butt weld
Standard Red Oxide Finish

Advantages of fabricated “Y-Type” Strainers
Can comply to specific project specifications
Cost effective for larger sizes i.e. above 14 inch NB