FG Valvole – Subsea Ball Valve

Sizes ½” – 36”
Pressure Classes ANSI 150 – 4500
API 2000 – 20000
Main Features And Options
  • Top entry, split body, welded body, modular DBB configuration available in both floating and trunnion construction
  • Subsea operators and accessories available: single & double acting rack and pinion actuators, gear boxes, direct rov interfaces, diver hand wheel interfaces
  • Accessories: extended spool, position indicators, override extension, compensation system, manual torque tools, protection cups
  • Extremely wide selection of materials for both body and internals,
    including: carbon steel, low alloy steels, stainless steels, Duplex
    22/25 Cr, Ni-alloys and titanium either forged or cast
  • Fully or partial internally clad
  • Overlays: Alloy 625 / 316L
  • Coatings : Tungsten Carbide / Chromium Carbide / ENP
  • Metal to metal seat seal available as standard
  • Large variety of stem seals available, including metal stem seal
  • Stem equipped with double acting
    bearings to withstand both internal and
    external pressure thrust (deep water)
  • Proven design for extreme
    deep water installation
  • Redundancy of sealing unctions is available in
    order to improve seal reliability
  • Single or double piston effect
  • Double block and bleed
  • Specific design for HIPPS, ESD application