ZOOK – Graphite Disk Mono Type


  1. The best choice for low and intermediate burst ratings
  2. Sizes 1/29 thru 249 diameters
  3. Designed to fit ASME B16.5 Class 150 flanges (Higher ratings to fit Class 300 flanges are furnished in the INVERTED and DUPLEX Type Disks)
  4. Burst ratings 0.25 to 150 psig
  5. 0% manufacturing range
  6. Operating pressures to 90% of the disk’s marked burst pressure
  7. Temperature ratings –290°F to +700°F (–179°C to +371°C).
  8. Counter bored side of the disk contacts the process media
  9. Vacuum supports are available for ratings below 25 psig
  10. May be configured to withstand high back pressure generated in closed piping systems – request Bak-Pressure™ bulletin
  11. ASME UD marking available